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Geek Uninstaller for Windows
When it comes to uninstall apps in Windows there are many freeware applications as Uberstaller, , WinMate etc. And the default Windows uninstaller along with other application. But not all of these applications able to clean the system after uninstalling the applications. The registry entries, as well as the folders and files may remain in your PC, it slows down the performance and takes up space in your system.
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Download photos from Instagram on Windows or Mac
The popularity of Instagram has been on the wave since the Android app was launched. Probably the only thing with Instagram is the lack of support for the web or apps for Windows or Mac to browse and download photos.
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Import photos from instagram to Flickr with Flickstagram
Instagram has been the target of discussion during the last few days, but for the wrong reasons, because they changed their privacy policy. The new policy was not very well with the users. Now, with this new development, some of the users have moved on to Flickr since the new Flickr iPhone app also offers filters. Apart from this, Flickr is offering three months of pro account for free.
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Save flash games to play them offline
Flash games can be super fun and exciting killing your time. But we can't really play when we are away from home, without a valid connection to the Internet, or on a restricted network. It is very simple to avoid this: save a copy of the game on your computer or laptop. This will prevent the need of a network connection and can make it super easy to find all your favorite games in one place.
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Create shortcuts for your windows 8 apps
One of the major changes introduced in Windows 8 is the start screen with the new Metro UI. Along with the Metro UI, Microsoft had launched many metro apps for Windows 8.
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Integrate Dropbox and Google Drive in office 2013
One of the newews features in Office 2013 is that it allows you to save documents directly to SkyDrive, Microsoft Cloud Storage, which gives you access to all your files from any location with an internet connection. However, if you prefer Dropbox or Google Drive instead of SkyDrive, here you will k
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Easy Gmail address
In this post we will provide you with full instructions to register and setup a Google Mail account. You will bu given tips and on basic usage, so you will make your Gmail start as easy as possible.
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