Easy Gmail address

In this post we will provide you with full instructions to register and setup a Google Mail account. You will bu given tips and on basic usage, so you will make your Gmail start as easy as possible.

Register Gmail account

On the home page of the search engine, simply click the link to Gmail in the top right corner. Or go directly to the service page Gmail.com.

From this moment, you have two options available:

  • You already have a Google account. Simply enter your username and password step by step, in the fields on the login page.
  • You do not have a Google Account. Click “Create Account” under login form. The registration form will appear. Fill in all fields, and then read the Gmail Terms of Use. Finally, accept Google “Terms of Service” and “Privacy Policy”. Click the on “Next Step” button. Then a phone number could be asked and depending on the country you live in, this option may be required.

Mobile Gmail

Gmail is also available for smartphone, both iOS and Android. Check out our Gmail review to know more.

Gmail, Google Account, Google Plus – All in one

By creating a Gmail account, you create a Google account – which is used for personalized access to all other Google services (eg YouTube, Android) – and also a public Google Plus profile is automaticly created for you. Google Plus is Google’s social network. Important: Once you have created your Gmail address, you will have the option to delete your Google Plus profile, keeping your Gmail address. For this option you should visit the downgrade page.

Following steps

Optionally you can add some info in your Google Plus profile, such as photos, personal website, etc. These info is public, could be found on your Google Plus page (the Google social network connected with many Google services, including Gmail), so you will develop your visibility on Google. At the very end of registration: click “Continue with Gmail”


Gmail interface will open immediately. The inbox – is a default page, where you see all inbox mails. You will see you have some emails. They are welcome you and give some tips to start… The emails you will receive will be ranked in all three tabs (switchable option) which allows better interface experience:

  • Main Inbox: general tab
  • The “Social Networks” tab: which groups all notifications from Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • The “Specials” tab: which includes newsletters, promotional offers that you will receive

4 February 2016
Klim Schwarz
Chief editor at WebHelper.biz, traveller, poker player and a father of 4 kids.