Gmail history

When Gmail blowed its ninth candle... This event was an opportunity for Google to take a look at all the progress made since 2004 by publishing an infographic.

On the occasion of the ninth anniversary of Gmail, Google released an infographic on the history of its messaging service. The opportunity for the US giant to trace the journey of a platform that has finally established itself as the first Email Service Online, in front of Yahoo and Hotmail, pointing in particular the main changes that have marked the service.

Launched in 2004, Gmail was not public. Initially it was necessary to get an invitation to open an account. At that time, the proposed storage space was 1GB. What was considerable for the time and above all much higher than competitive offerings. Today the situation has changed. Each account has 15GB of storage space, which constantly increases.

Gradually, webmail got additional features. The interface has been adapted in many languages, mobile applications for iOS and Android appeared, the calendar was introduced, the maximum size for each file was revised upwards, attached the word “beta” finally disappeared, the inclusion of the IMAP and etc.

Gmail has its fans. It also has its haters. The service is the subject of much criticism. The correspondence is scanned and automatically allows Google to place advertising content related to the content of the email. The same kind of service also poses some challenges, especially during a service interruption. The tool is finally in the crosshairs of some states, like Iran or China .

12 February 2016
Klim Schwarz
Chief editor at, traveller, poker player and a father of 4 kids.