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About Yandex Mail

Yandex Mail was developed as a free e-mail service. The service was opened for use on 26 January 2000. To protect users from spam, the service makes automated spam filtering, virus scanning is also is carried. There are over thirty different themes and colors that allows you to customize the interface of Yandex.Mail.

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  • Bert West

    Yandex is a machine for phishing for information. I have never seen a service so nosy and insistent on invading my privacy – they even asked me for a drivers license, passport, or military ID. This happened after I refused to give them my telephone number.
    Beware of this company – they are up to no good; they have all the accouterments and earmarks of an organization that is up to criminal or nefarious activities.
    Do not – do not do business with or give them any of your personal information.
    They are sneaky – it will begin with and incremental collection of information accompanied by the “step” of filling out the difficult to read code in the box………..then they ask you for another piece of private information. Don’t start down this path.
    It’s all very deliberate. When you write to them informing them of your difficulties – they intimate that you are the one who’s a crook and they need this information to protect themselves and their sacred and almighty “terms of service”. Does this add insult to inconvenience, or what?

    • J. Seizard

      I don’t know what are you talking about. Yandex is amazing. And comparing to Google, they don’t throw the info to CIA/FBI and etc. Not sure about KGB though, but I don’t really care about it while I’m in US.

  • David Climans

    How do you get your name removed from Yandex? I get all kinds of love starved Russian women emailing me to begin a relationship.

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