TV-Traffic: This is what happens when You introduce Your Shop in the “cave of the lion”

We have Andreas Graap of “Ella & Paul” after his appearance in the founder-Show, interviewed


Andreas Graap in the German TV Show “die höhle der Löwen”

1.84 million viewers have followed on Tuesday, the show “die höhle der Löwen” in Vox. What are the radiation effects on the Web there is, when a participant of the shipment will be presenting its Online Shop on live TV? “Cave of the lion”-participants Andreas Graap of “Ella & Paul” told us how many visitors he posted on his Website during yesterday’s broadcast what he has learned from the experience and what Online Marketing techniques to use in the future for the marketing of children’s songs. Graap presented in the show “Ella & Paul”: a Online-Shop where parents, stuffed animal, individual pieces can buy that look like drawings of your children – for the price of 89 Euro per piece. This was apparently the most too much; in 2013, only 250 orders were received. Various Attempts to make the production cheaper, and failed. Also the “lion,” so the investors of the show, saw it as too big of a hurdle (here is yesterday’s broadcast on Vox Now). Graap has set the Shop therefore, in the period between the recording and broadcast of the programme. About he wants to promote, but now a new idea – and has used yesterday’s Traffic rush.

How did Your appearance in “the cave of The lion” on the Traffic of low? Andreas Graap: “Of course it’s gone through the ceiling. According to Google Analytics, around 4,400 people were in the top at the same time on the page. The whole of the Airdate, it was of 19,500 Unique Users. In the days before we had a day less than 100 visitors; there was on the side of a inactive Shop in which you could not order more. The Airdate 2,500 visitors came even before the start of the show, notices and reporting. Today, the day after that, the Traffic is also significantly higher. To 11:30 PM 4,500 visitors came.“

During the broadcast streamed Graap your Google Analytics Account live on the network, the servers Have coped with yesterday’s onslaught well?

Graap: “The page was at times rather slow, some Users probably had a Time-out, even though I had builds. For one, I have rebuilt the page on Sendungstag in a static page, so that no databases have to be queried, there are elements, no PHP, etc. Also, I had booked my Hoster an ‘overload protection’ in the Form of an additional server. This has obviously not enough, so I would make today is certainly different and the page, perhaps in the Cloud.“

I suppose a majority of the traffic came via mobile devices?

Graap: “Yes. On the broadcasting day, 52 per cent have accessed the Website via a Smartphone, and 21 percent on a Tablet.“

How are the users on – you have accessed the page directly?

Graap: “Vox the URL is not displayed Yes, I said only once. For example, 55 percent of the visitors came via Google. The largest part of the Keywords is not sent to Google. The one that I see, are mostly Brand Searches – ‘ella paul stuffed animals’ is even in front of ‘ella paul’ alone. The number of visitors, the direct type-in came in lower, at 35 percent. About Vox itself, I observed virtually no Traffic, which is not linked on the page.“

‘ve won your new Facebook Fans?

Graap: “Yes, yesterday, the 700 were; now we are at nearly 3,300 Fans. With the Like Button under the Video on the Website you liket the Video, but our side.“

According to the official rate of the broadcast recorded a total of 1.84 million viewers. You’re happy with it, how many of them have found their way to Your page?

Graap: “I would have thought that the audience of ‘the cave of the lion’ is already online-affinity and when watching TV, more Smartphones and Tablets. If you look at the Relation to the total number of viewers, I must say that I expected more Traffic.“

What You’ve been through the thing in terms of Websites and Online Marketing learned?

Graap: “First of all, that it is not quite easy, such Traffic volumes with technical resources to absorb. But also, that in such a case, large parts of the traffic are relevant: The bounce rate was extremely high. This is partly because that there is no Shop on the site, but due to the Format. Because the target audience is of little relevance, was to convert the Traffic too heavy. I’ve tried with a prominently placed Button, to win for a newly established Youtube channel for children’s songs subscribers. But it doesn’t work so well; until now there are only 58 subscribers.“

You’ve given up the idea of the stuffed animal shop and have now moved on to children’s songs – how did that come about?

Graap: “In the stuffed animal-production expenditure and income is simply not a reasonable ratio. A reactivation of the shop is not therefore, the question for me, at the most a sale. The new idea I came up in the short term, before broadcast, and again by my children, because I’ve seen the sing-along children’s songs directly, and dancing. In addition, children’s music is in the music industry is still one of the few growth markets. I want to go in this area with an Online Marketing approach in, by looking at which topics are searched for and Songs, tuned to produce. In the marketing I want to put on Youtube, and there’s reach and Views to build, because I think that is where the future lies. Later, also in combination with classic Marketing channels, such as iTunes, CDs, and DVDs is possible.“

What conclusion draw for You out of the experience, “the cave of The lion”?

Graap: “on The one hand, one must be aware of the fact that the show is an entertainment format. The recording lasted half an hour – in such a period is not even half of the truth map, and also a serious investment decision. Since it can go more than a statement of intent. It was my Intention but anyway, the range of exploit; I didn’t want to necessarily find an Investor. On the other hand I have received a lot of Feedback through all possible channels. As a result, I’ve noticed how quickly people form an opinion and a judgment, even though you know a lot of backgrounds. But 95 percent of the feedback has been very positive and all you can do it anyway.“

Andreas, we thank You for the interview!

17 November 2017
Klim Schwarz
Chief editor at, traveller, poker player and a father of 4 kids.